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Test Bank for Business, 12th Edition by William M. Pride


Business, 12th Edition by William M. Pride Test Bank

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Test Bank for Business, 12th Edition by William M. Pride

Table of Content

1. Exploring the World of Business and Economics.
2. Being Ethical and Socially Responsible.
3. Exploring Global Business.
4. Choosing a Form of Business Ownership.
5. Small Business, Entrepreneurship, and Franchises.
6. Understanding the Management Process.
7. Creating a Flexible Organization.
8. Producing Quality Goods and Services.
9. Attracting and Retaining the Best Employees.
10. Motivating and Satisfying Employees and Teams.
11. Enhancing Union-Management Relations.
12. Building Customer Relationships Through Effective Marketing.
13. Creating and Pricing Products that Satisfy Customers.
14. Wholesaling, Retailing, and Physical Distribution.
15. Developing Integrated Marketing Communications.
16. Social Media and e-Business.
17. Using Management Information Systems and Accounting Information.
18. Understanding Money, Banking, and Credit.
19. Mastering Financial Management.
20. Understanding Personal Finances and Investments.


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