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Test Bank for Biopsychology, 10th Edition by John P. J. Pinel


Biopsychology, 10th Edition by John P. J. Pinel Test Bank

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Test Bank for Biopsychology, 10th Edition by John P. J. Pinel

Table of Content

  1. Biopsychology as a Neuroscience: What Is Biopsychology, Anyway?
  2. Evolution, Genetics, and Experience: Thinking about the Biology of Behavior
  3. Anatomy of the Nervous System: Systems, Structures, and Cells That Make Up Your Nervous System
  4. Neural Conduction and Synaptic Transmission: How Neurons Send and Receive Signals
  5. The Research Methods of Biopsychology: Understanding What Biopsychologists Do
  6. The Visual System: How We See
  7. Mechanisms of Perception: Hearing, Touch, Smell, Taste, and Attention: How You Know the World
  8. The Sensorimotor System: How You Move
  9. Development of the Nervous System: From Fertilized Egg to You
  10. Brain Damage and Neuroplasticity: Can the Brain Recover from Damage?
  11. Learning, Memory, and Amnesia: How Your Brain Stores Information
  12. Hunger, Eating, and Health: Why Do Many People Eat Too Much?
  13. Hormones and Sex: What’s Wrong with the Mamawawa?
  14. Sleep, Dreaming, and Circadian Rhythms: How Much Do You Need to Sleep?
  15. Drug Use, Drug Addiction, and the Brain’s Reward Circuits: Chemicals That Harm with Pleasure
  16. Lateralization, Language, and the Split Brain: The Left Brain and the Right Brain
  17. Biopsychology of Emotion, Stress, and Health: Fear, the Dark Side of Emotion
  18. Biopsychology of Psychiatric Disorders: The Brain Unhinged


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