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Test Bank for MR2, 2nd Edition by Tom J. Brown


MR2, 2nd Edition by Tom J. Brown Test Bank

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Test Bank for MR2, 2nd Edition by Tom J. Brown

Table of Content

1. Marketing Research: From Data to Information to Action.
2. The Research Question: Formulation of the Problem.
3. Exploratory, Descriptive, and Causal Research Designs.
4. Collecting Secondary Data from Inside and Outside the Organization.
5. Collecting Primary Data by Observation.
6. Collecting Primary Data by Communication.
7. Asking Good Questions.
8. Designing the Questionnaire.
9. Developing the Sampling Plan.
10. Data Collection: Enhancing Response Rates while Limiting Errors.
11. Data Preparation for Analysis .
12. Analysis & Interpretation: Individual Variables Independently.
13. Analysis & Interpretation: Multiple Variables Simultaneously.
14. The Research Report.


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